Top 5 Mobile Health Apps for Travellers

Mobile health apps for smartphones and tablets can be an invaluable resource for accessing you or your family’s health information while on the go. That’s why many health insurers and other companies are offering apps that enable people to access their health care information, monitor existing health issues, and even stay focused on fitness goals via an online or mobile platform.

Mobile health apps now make it easier to:

  • Contact a doctor or registered nurse 24/7 for information regarding any kind of medical topic;
  • Download Personal Health Information (PHI) to your Personal Health Record (PHR) on a smartphone and email, or fax information directly from the mobile device to a physician office or hospital;
  • Comparison shop for health care services based on quality and cost, helping people select quality and efficient care providers;
  • Locate nearby physicians, hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care centers using the device’s GPS function, making it easier to find care providers at home or out of town;

These apps are designed to engage people in healthy behaviors while they are travelling and make taking control of your health easy and accessible on the go. To name a few, we’ve picked some of the top mobile health apps best suited for travellers, expatriates and todays global citizen.

Our Top 5 Mobile Health Apps for Travel

  1. iTriage

itriage-app-wellaway-blogPlatformsiOS (iPhone/iPad)AndroidWeb App

Price: Free

User Reviews: 4.5 stars


  1. Doctoralia


PlatformsiOS (iPhone/iPad)AndroidWeb App

Price: Free

User Reviews: 4.5 stars


  1. ActivDoctors Personal Health Record

activ-doctor-online-WellAway BlogPlatformsiOS (iPhone/iPad)

Price: Free

User Reviews: 4.5 stars


  1. Allergy Food Translator

food-allergy-app-wellaway blogPlatformsiOS (iPhone)

Price: $2.99

User Reviews: 5 stars


  1. CFE & Me – My Pregnancy

cfe-maternite-app- Wellaway blogPlatforms: iOS (iPhone), Android

Price: Free

User Reviews: 4 Stars