Exploring the Unknown – The Top Travel Adventures This Summer

A vacation without adventure is just another trip to another city to buy the same forgettable tourist memorabilia. Add a little EXTREME to your vacation this summer by venturing off into the less-familiar corners of the world.In 2013, a market study revealed that almost 54% of travellers planned to partake in an “adventure activity” during their upcoming trip. But what makes a trip truly adventurous? The Adventure Travel World Summit defines a trip as “adventure travel” if it involves the following activities:- Connection with nature.

– Interaction with culture.

– Physical activity.

For those looking to avoid the more touristy destinations and seek the more unknown, we’ve compiled our top adventure destinations to help you plan your next escape into the wilderness.

  1. Guyana

About 80% of Guyana’s land mass remains forested by wild plant-life and plays habitat to hundreds of tropical species. This haven for nature lovers shows that green canopies are just as luxurious as white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. For eco-tourists, Guyana should be top of their to-do list this summer. From it’s natural rain forest reserves to its untouched cultures, this little South American secret serves up the best that nature has to offer.


  1. Northern Territory, Australia

Sticking with the trend of nature’s colors, Australia’s Northern Territory boasts them all. From rust red earth to deep blue skies, this travel destination has it all to offer to anyone looking to submerse themselves amongst an ancient native culture. Over 50 different aboriginal tribes live throughout the Northern Territory, decorating the outback with wonderful displays of rock art, musical ceremonies and local delicacies to excite only the most adventurous taste buds.


  1. Nicaragua

With Central American travel booming, Nicaragua offers an alternate destination still filled with the extreme attractions of its neighboring Costa Rica or Belize. Whether its volcanic springs or serene rivers and tropical rainforests, Nicaragua excites all of its visitors with a dreamlike experience. For a more traditional getaway, there are still white sandy beaches, deep dive spots and its prime surf to satisfy even the ‘beachiest’ bum on your trip.


  1. Derawan Islands, Indonesia

Despite being touted as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, getting to the Derawan Islands still feels like an adventure. After a series of plane rides and a quick speedboat trip, you arrive in Derawan and may never want to leave. The tranquil seas that kiss the shores of its seaside villages are a sight for any to see. Throughout the isles, find yourself a quaint stilt-leg villa to awake to breathtaking sunrises on a beach inhabited only by its shore-life. Dive into Derawan by exploring its exuberant reefs and its vast array of sea creatures, from turtles to manta rays.


  1. Cacao Trail, Ecuador

While Ecuador’s natural habitat may boast many of the same attractions as its Amazonian neighbors, the recent discovery of cacao found at a number of archeological dig sites has brought a new face to its tourism industry. The Cacao Trails located in both Santa Rita and the Guaya Province has introduced a new set of visitors to Ecuador. Travellers looking to sink their teeth into this delectable discovery will also find themselves mesmerized by the rich biodiversity that the Andean Plateau has to offer. Over 25,000 plant species and over 2,000 bird and mammal species make their homes across Ecuador’s richest lands attracting both nature lovers and foodies with a sweet tooth.

While these destinations may only suit the tastes of an avid Magellan, for the simpler traveller whom may only desire an escape from reality there is always the traditional Caribbean getaways or a cruise around the med. Destination aside, WellAway is able to insure your safe wherever you may venture. Contact one of Benefits Advisors here to learn more about staying protected during your next big adventure.