Why do international students and exchange visitors need a healthcare insurance while in the US?

You’re going to study or work in the US for a while. You’ve been waiting for this opportunity a long time.

Let’s be honest, choosing a health insurance is not on your top priorities.

But having a health insurance plan while studying or training in the US is a requirement.

You need to be sure you are covered, medical expenses in the US are some of the highest in the world!

In fact, most of American universities offer their own insurance, provided by themselves or a provider but they are more expensive than what conventional insurers’ can offer.

That’s why WellAway created the International Student & Exchange Visitor Visa plan, which is dedicated to F1, J1/J2, M and Q visa holders. We offer options covering a large range of benefits.

Our “International Student and Exchange Visitors Visa plan” meets or exceeds the requirement of the US State Department.

Whether you are a student, intern, nanny, au pair, international researcher, etc., our insurance will suit you and match your needs.

WellAway strengths

We’re more than just insurance! We offer a comprehensive health and wellness program throughout the entire world.
Our expatriate health programs excel in helping our members maintain good health and tranquility as they explore the world and build their life abroad.

  • We provide unmatched customer service and the most comprehensive coverage you need to stay safe and healthy wherever you may roam.
  • Our expertise in international medical and travel insurance grants our members the opportunity to access innovative benefits, support systems and resources.
  • Our culturally diverse corporate structure allows members to be serviced with the utmost consideration for their expatriate lifestyle.
  • We pride ourselves on supporting and giving back to the local communities around the world and we have partnered with globally recognized social and charitable organizations.

The International Student & Exchange Visitor Visa plan will be available soon.

For more information: www.wellaway.com