Tips On Bringing Alcohol On A Flight

While traveling, have you ever found yourself indulging in some of the best food and drink that a city has to offer? Perhaps while dining in a small unique café, you have found a bottle of wine that you absolutely love. Now the problem is the difficulty in getting it back home. What is the best way to pack alcohol while traveling?

Be Aware of Restrictions
Know what the TSA guidelines are for packing alcohol. For checked luggage, travelers cannot transport bottles with more than 70% alcohol content and limited to five liters with alcohol content ranging from 24-70%. Carry on regulations are even tighter. You may only take 3.4 ounces of any liquid…anything from shampoo to alcohol.

Pack & Protect the Bottle
Make sure the bottle is well packed so that they do not break during bag handling or during your flight. Some people put a sock over the bottle and then use other clothing to cushion the bottle. However, this does not protect your clothing if the bottle does break. You could also put the bottle in a plastics bag and use bubble wrap in addition to padding with clothing. Try putting the bag snug in the middle of your suitcase, surrounded with clothing.

They also sell premade shipping wine bags from companies such as Wineskin, Vinnibag and Winecheck.

Perhaps Shipping Is an Option
You should ask what the shipping costs are wherever you are visiting. Sometimes they offer free shipping or shipping is offered at a low cost.