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“Thank you for calling WellAway Limited, how can I be of service?” said Rossie Peralta from WellAway Limited headquarters. A gentleman was calling because he wanted a new plan that wasn’t ACA compliant, since after 2018 there will be no tax penalty. There was a catch, he had a pre-existing condition, high blood pressure… He did the right thing by calling WellAway. Mrs. Peralta stayed on the telephone with this gentleman for an hour.

“Let’s figure this out, you can choose our ORBE product, which covers your pre-existing condition. Let’s explore to make sure you’re satisfied. OneWorld is more in your budget, and you will only have to pay for your blood pressure medication for one year before that plan covers it. Let’s call your pharmacy and ask what that will cost.”

Let’s figure it out.

By sticking with the member, they figured out that through some government medication plans and by choosing the best route, he saves money by taking on the comprehensive OneWorld plan with even more coverage. This type of service is priceless and becoming all too rare.

Rossie Peralta is an example of many WellAway employees ready to assist. At WellAway Limited, you don’t just choose a plan, you choose a support system.

In the United States, through 2018, one is required to have healthcare coverage or pay a tax penalty through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its “individual mandate”. Furthermore, the coverage must be compliant with rules called Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). In late 2017, the United States Senate has repealed the mandate through a tax reform bill.

You decide.

Ending the mandate will let people in the individual market get the insurance they need for the price they want without having to worry about minimums and compliance. Either way, the mandate didn’t have such a huge impact. A majority of the population could get exempt status the first year, as it was not strongly enforced.

“Honestly, we are an all-around comprehensive insurance company. Our members have the best plans and services out there, with or without ACA. Additionally, we are international, so we are with you wherever you choose to go,” she continued.

Whether you are an expatriates traveling the world, an employee or a student relocating to another country, WellAway has you covered. With a myriad of short term coverage plans and interesting options such as kidnap and ransom and even maternity; This company defines “all-encompassing.” Not to mention the 24/7 ConciergeCare multi-lingual support.

For current members in ACA compliant plans, staying within the company for other coverage choices is a “no brainer.” For anyone looking to explore international and domestic, long or short term, ACA or non-ACA… WellAway Limited is a key player.

Call or visit the website for a quote, or a chat… You just might get Rossie!

Armando Diaz, Writer

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