How Many Employers Select and Value Insurance for Their Expat Employees Around the World?

Many employers provide insurance for their expat employees. Many more are joining their number.

For insurance purposes, it is important to distinguish between an expatriate and a person on a short term assignment in another country. The former is someone living in another country while keeping the citizenship of their home country.  The latter is someone who is simply on a short term assignment and is covered with a short-term travel policy.

Typically, large global corporations have insurance policies in place for their expatriate employees.

It behooves them to negotiate these plans as a corporation as they get better deals that way while ensuring that their employees are well covered.

Employers who have significant numbers of expatriate employees normally provide group global medical policies for their employees. Such policies are usually provided through a major insurance policy carrier. The policies are based on how many employees are to be covered. In a normal situation, there is a minimum but that varies depending on the insurance company.

Many global employers are also going global with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). Relocation is a stressful process. International companies know that and they want to help; especially companies smart enough to meticulously select and train their overseas personnel. Along with physical health care, these companies are investing in the mental health and well-being of their expatriates.

A company cannot thrive without the help of dedicated teams that share its ideals and work toward its goals. Providing insurance for expat workers is a great way for companies to demonstrate that they respect and value their employees.

WellAway Limited offers customized medical and travel plans for companies seeking worldwide access to high quality medical care and travel assistance services.

Our Solutions can include:

  • Long-term or short-term coverage
  • Customized benefit design and consultations with your benefits adviser to ensure you remain compliant with the law of the chosen country
  • Multiple plan levels with varying deductible and limits
  • Employee and employer portals for a greater control
  • Access to high-quality healthcare services via global medical provider networks
  • Convenient and efficient mail-in pharmacy network
  • Custom wellness and support programs to encourage your employees to take control of their health
  • 24/7 customer support staffed by multi-lingual representatives

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