Different Healthcare Environments Worldwide

Healthcare systems vary worldwide.

If you’re concerned about getting the best care for the money spent, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks countries throughout the world in terms of the quality of healthcare.

If you are moving to another country to live, check out where the country is ranked by the WHO.

There are approximately 200 countries in the world. Each meets the basic goals of health care differently.

Healthcare can be said to have three aims. To:

  1. Keep people healthy,
  2. Treat the sick, and
  3. Avoid financial ruin for families as a result of medical bills.

Believe it or not, only 40 countries have established health care systems. There are four models of health care available. Before you make your move, it is wise to know what model will apply to you.

The Beverage Model :

  • This is found in Great Britain, Spain, most of Scandinavia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

The Bismarck Model :

  • You can expect this in Germany, which will be no surprise, but also France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland and to some extent, in Latin America.

The National Health Insurance system :

  • This system is found in Canada. Recently, Taiwan and South Korea have adopted this model.

The Out of Pocket Model :

  • Here is a system found in many locations around the world, and in which people who have money receive medical treatment while the poor cannot.

Wherever you are headed elsewhere, you need to research what is available to you. You should also research healthcare when moving around in the United States, too, because it has so many separate systems.

To make sure that you are covered anywhere in the world, you will benefit from the help of a professional with worldwide healthcare expertise. Get in touch with us to ensure that you know everything you need to know when moving to another healthcare environment. Visit www.wellaway.com or call +1 441 296 0651.